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Certified HVAC Engineer- CHE

Certified HVAC Engineer- CHE


CHD certification Developed by ASHRAE, Accredited by ANSI, validates competency to design HVAC systems to meet building/project requirements, including equipment, equipment sizing, load calculations, equipment and system selection,duct and piping design and layout, and develop HVAC plans for permit and construction.

CHE [Certified HVAC Engineer] course by EngBOK is a unique and comprehensive knowledge based course which enables you to be professional in design, construction and operation of HVAC building services. CHE is accredited and certified in USA& UK.

  • Course Delivery & Materials

    Course will be delivered either Live ZOOM for Groups and Organizations, or Recorded  for individuals.

    You will receive lectures in PDF Format plus Recording to your email to enable you downloading them for life time access.

    Please make sure that you study with Professional and Accredited Engineers before taking any Engineering course.

  • Copyright

    Course material is dedicated only to each student with his name , student is not allowed to share course content with anyone without Formal approval from EngBOK.

    Any violation will have adverse impact and exposure to legal liability.

  • Refund Policy

    Money Back Guarantee if you don't like to continue within 15 days from course commencement date for Live ZOOM delivery.

    Refund is not applicable for recorded courses.

  • Customer's Review

    Customers shall share their review on LinkedIn and Google, after the exam in terms of course contents, quality of delivery, performance of the lecturer, support and communication throughout the course, lecturer's assistance to pass exam.

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