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We are Professional Engineers Registered and Licensed in USA ,UK and Australia.
You will have unforgettable learning experience to upskill you and to start your journey of professional and certified engineering 

EngBoK ; is your first choice to get knowledge and feel your prestige with international credentials.

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We provide professional courses for special segment of engineers who seek professional knowledge and international accreditation

1.No one compete you after the course

2.You learn from Engineers hold PE & PHD 

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To empower Engineers with innovative mindsets through professional Knowledge and ethics to develop sustainable globe for better human life

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We deliver unique, rich and invaluable Knowledge which is blended of academia fundamentals and industry best practices

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Doctor Kareem Amer is a Professional Engineer Licensed and Registered in USA, UK and Australia . 

He holds Doctorate in Business Administration from IBSS -Denmark , MSc in Buildings Services Engineering from Heriot Watt University -UK and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University -Egypt

He has 15 years of work experience as a Consulting Engineer in Design and Construction of Building Services in international firms , and manager of Engineering Services and Projects in top Oil and Gas companies .

Dr. Kareem Amer is the Only Professional and Chartered Engineer who hold global professional certifications and Licenses in Project Management [PMP] ,Construction Management [CCM] ,Fire Protection Engineering [CFPS,CFII] ,plumbing engineering [CPD] ,Heating ,Ventilation and Air Conditioning [HBDP ,BCxP] ,Sustainability ,Energy and Green Building [LEED AP ,CEM] ,Industrial Engineering [CIE] ,Maintenance and Reliability [CMRP] and Asset Management [CAMA] .

Dr. Kareem Amer ,PE ,CEng ,CPEng
Founder &Director |

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Ongoing Course

Certified in Plumbing Design "CPD"

CPD is the top credential in plumbing engineering field which sets the standards and demonstrates high competence and skills .

CPD Course will be delivered this year online through Zoom Meetings with interactive lectures between our professional instructor and engineering students. 

watch our webinar about CPD course (Arabic)


Watch CPD course Introduction (English)



 October- January 2021-2022

Upcoming Course


Certified Maintenance &Reliability Professional  "CMRP"

CMRP is the only accredited credential by American National Standard Institute (ANS) in Assets maintenance and reliability  .

CMRP Course will be delivered this year online through Zoom Meetings with interactive lectures between our professional instructor and engineering students. 

Arabic and English Versions are available 

December 2021

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You will be Subject Mater Expert in your discipline 

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Once you paid for the course ,then you can attend live sessions for unlimited times .

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We support you till you pass the exam and be certified 

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Get your name listed in professionals Directory, so Employer ,Client and Peers can verify and trust you

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