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We are Professional Engineers Registered and Licensed in USA ,UK and Australia.
Our Learning Model is based on Linking Academia with Industry

EngBoK ; is your first choice to apply Academic knowledge in Industrial Practices with Benchmarking to global standards of education and engineering applications through prestigious international credentials.

Value Preposition

EngBOK provides professional engineering services for Engineers and Organizations based on International Codes and Standards.

1.You will link knowledge of academic fundamentals with industry best practices

2.You will learn from professionals who hold PE and PHD 

Ultimate Goal

To be the first choice by engineers and organizations to gain Professional Engineering knowledge and Engineering Consulting services

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Doctor Kareem Amer is a Professional Engineer Licensed and Registered in USA [Fire Protection], UK [Mechanical Engineering], and Australia [Mechanical Engineering- Building Services Engineering- Fire Safety Engineering- Project Management]. 

He holds Doctorate in Business Administration from IBAS- Switzerland, MSc in Buildings Services Engineering from Heriot Watt University -UK and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University -Egypt.

He has 16 years of work experience as a Consulting Engineer in Design and Construction of Building Services ,Energy and Sustainability in international firms , and manager of Engineering Services and Construction Projects in top Oil and Gas companies .

Dr. Kareem Amer is the Only Professional and Chartered Engineer who hold all these combined global professional credentials in Project Management [PMP] ,Construction Management [CCM] ,Fire Protection Engineering [P.E,CFPS,CFII] ,plumbing engineering [CPD] ,Heating ,Ventilation and Air Conditioning [HBDP ,BCxP ,CHD] ,Sustainability ,Energy and Green Building [LEED AP ,CEM] ,Industrial Engineering [CIE] ,Maintenance and Reliability [CMRP &CMRT] , Asset Management [CAMA] and Facility Management [CFM]. Dr. Kareem is an international member with more than 10 professional institutes and societies in USA ,UK and Australia , and he is a technical member in professional development committee of SFPE/USA and CIBSE /UK, Exam subcommittee of ASHRAE /USA , and Code development committee of  SFS/Australia.


Dr. Kareem Amer
Director |

Completed Course

Certified in Plumbing Design 


Completed Course

Certified HVAC Designer  

Completed Course

Certified Fire Protection Specialist 

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Certified Facility Manager 



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Tarek Dalati, Project Manager ,UAE

Very Professional and to the point 


Hazem Abouafia, Senior Engineer , USA

Kareem is one of the most inspiring engineers I met in my life, he is always motivating others for greater success. His outstanding performance and teaching was one of the reason to push me forward for more continuous learning approach and more certificates. thank you my friend

karim arafa.jpg

Karim Arafa, Sr Engineer ,Qatar

Karim is one of the most dedicated and professional engineers I have ever met .


Eltayeb Abdalla, Mechanical design engineer ,KSA

He is really gifted and honest,it was my pleasure to work with him.
it's gonna continue with him.


Wasim Saliby, Mechanical Engineer , USA

Dr. Kareem is very knowledgeable, supportive, responsive and a great professional to work with and learn from. I highly recommend his services.


Hassan Adel, Assistant MEP Manager ,UAE

Excellent and exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend him


Mohammad Al Qaraleh,Commissioning Engineer,KSA

I appreciate your wonderful efforts in teaching, your method of teaching, and your keenness to follow up on your students. also thank you for the knowledge you gave me, and I will always study with you.


AlFatih Omer, Mechanical Engineer , KSA

Efficient meets exceptional is how I describe Dr.Kareem. Though not my direct manager, Dr.Kareem always went out of his way to help me learn the fundamentals of CHD course during last five months,and as a result of that training,I was able to get that certificate successfully.He’s a virtuoso who educate comprehensive and exclusive engineering courses such as (CHD,HBDP,CPD,CFPS,..etc). If you’re need to take your engineering skills to the next level I couldn’t recommend these courses more highly.


Ahmed Salah, Project Manager ,KSA

kareem is a great instructor in all engineering aspects and I strangely recommend him